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Would you like a life coach to guide you through life, to make yourself happier and things easier, while helping you understand what the ultimate spiritual meaning of it all is?

Would you like to live and purposeful and happy life?

Are you a person focused on their spiritual path and want to find more answers and give more depth and meaning to their life?

Would you like to feel more surrounded by spiritual help, deep unconditional love and be the living expression of who you are and who you want to be?

Would you like to feel loved and accepted unconditionally, find that unconditional self-love and acceptance you have never experienced before, feel free and happy in your unique purpose, and feel appreciated for the beautiful soul that you are?

Would you like your own soul to become the tool that guides you and give you that direction in life you always wanted?

Would you like to heal of all your sufferings, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, and feel happy and heal?

Would you like regular emotional support, to live your truth, be always yourself, feel accepted and loved, and confident of who you are?

Would you like to find your purpose in life and -by following it - live a fulfilled, happy life full of love, all the time?



Every person is unique. Every person has a soul purpose.


However, within the uniqueness of every individual, all individuals have the same soul purpose. In other words, every person is born with a soul purpose to fulfill – which coincides with everyone else’s soul purpose.


That universal soul purpose is to develop as human beings in order to identify completely with our soul and detach from our ego.


Our soul purpose is to live life through our soul, not through our ego. Our soul purpose is to achieve an unconditional level of self-acceptance and self-love. By honouring and following our soul, and heart, we will live our life through love,  rather than true fear – which is ego based, with the result of loving and accepting ourselves, and others, unconditionally.

Our true self is our personality traits that are soul-based. Our true self is us guided by our soul, that is by love and compassion, not by fear and judgement.


We are a soul inside a body, we are love inside a vessel of potential fears.


By loving and accepting ourselves, our soul sides and ego sides, and shadows sides, by loving and accepting our light and our darkness,  by loving and accepting the whole of us unconditionally, with understanding and compassion, we will love and accept ourselves and others unconditionally. And by doing so, we will have therefore fulfilled our soul purpose.

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, whether you believe in a life after death (and/or before it) or not, this life is meant to teach us to accept and love ourselves as a whole, unconditionally, to love our beautiful parts and the not so beautiful parts, understand them and heal them as we see it fit.

Our life on this earth is a chance to achieve ultimate unconditional self-love and self-acceptance before it is time to leave it.

Quantum Healing will be the main therapy method for physical ailments, with its inherent capabilities of enhancing spiritual awareness and awakening, making us the healers of ourselves.

We are the creator of our own reality, and as such, we can create a reality where the only real thing is, ultimately, the unconditional love for ourselves and for others.

That is the premise of our programme.




The goal of this programme is to guide all individuals, struggling through live and struggling to understand their purpose and the meaning of this life, to find and follow their own purpose and ultimately to accept and love themselves exactly how they are.


Our goal is to help all individuals to accept and love the unique balance of soul and ego within them, love their wounds and heal them, walking a path of understanding, self-awareness and self-compassion that leads them away from the ego and the fear, and closer to the soul and the unconditional love towards themselves and others.


The goal of this programme is to help anyone to embrace the beautiful and unique colours of their life and soul, love themselves and accept themselves– because that is precisely their life purpose. That is what they came here to live this life for – Love and Accept Themselves Unconditionally: in their body, in their mind, in their spirit, in their shadow.


And share that unconditional love with the world around them - in their personal space, in the space they share with others, with their outer connections and relationships, is their untimate life mission.

It is the unconditional love for ourselves that has the power to dissolve every fear and heal any physical ailment, emotional wound, or spiritual suffering. It is the unconditional love that will heal our body, mind, and soul, making us whole and happy, living a fulfilling and purposeful life.

It is the unconditional love for us and others that has the power to guide us towards living our life mission and living a life of service, helping others heal.


It is the unconditional love that will heal our life, while helping others to heal theirs.

That is the goal of our programme.





This life coaching programme will be based on the client’s spiritual path and life & soul purpose, using a mixture of psychological therapies (shadow work, art therapy, inner child therapy, colour therapy, dream interpretation, animal-assisted therapy, CBT, trauma counselling) and alternative therapies (quantum healing, Ayurveda lifestyle coaching, numerology), as well as spiritual counselling (angel readings, death & afterlife coaching, spirit animals therapy), nutrition coaching (Ayurvedic diet and Mediterranean cuisine) and portrait therapy. 

We will compile a very thorough, detailed, personalised, and creative person-centred life coaching plan - which will be based on your unique needs, talents, skills, interests, personality and spirituality, and which will cover all areas of your life.


  • Life Coaching on the Soul Purpose, with the help of tools such as numerology, angel readings, quantum healing, shadow work, Moonology, Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Balancing, Spirit Animals

  • Shadow Work on Beliefs on Self

  • Shadow Work on Beliefs on Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine

  • Shadow Work on Beliefs on Unconditional Love

  • Interpretation of Dreams


  • Personalised coaching programme on how to follow one’s dream and life purpose/mission through education, work and other connections


  • Death Coaching

  • Grief Coaching



  • Spiritual Coaching for the individuals believing in reincarnation or in life after death








  • Love/twin flames

  • Career/life purpose

  • Talk with Heaven

  • Physical Healing

  • Indigo Children

  • General guidance

  • Akashic records & Past Lives

  • Spirit Animals

  • Other Specific Readings as needed

Through this highly individualised Soul Path Life Coaching plan, we will help you navigate the practical, emotional and spiritual challenges that you might encounter in your daily life, we will help you realise your dreams, guide you to fulfil your purpose, heal your life, ignite your creativity, awaken your spirituality, be happy and fulfilled, feel loved and accepted, and live a happy, exciting, creative, spiritual life.

Through this plan, your life will be more beautiful, happier, easier, and full of love and acceptance, for yourself and others.



* See HYBRID PROGRAMMES for more details 

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