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___________________________________________________________Would you like a life coach to guide you through life to make yourself happier and things easier?

Would you like to live and purposeful and happy life?

Are you a very creative person with a passion for art?

Would you like to be surrounded by art, pieces of art that are the expression of who you are and you want to be?

Would you like to feel loved and accepted unconditionally, find that unconditional self-love and acceptance you have never experienced before, feel free and happy in your uniqueness, and feel appreciated for the beautiful person you are, like a beautiful piece of art is appreciated?

Would you like art to become the tool that guides you and give you that direction in life you always wanted?

Would you like to heal of all your sufferings, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, and feel happy and heal?

Would you like regular emotional support, to live your truth, be always yourself, feel accepted and loved, and confident of who you are?

Would you like to find your purpose in life and -by following it - live a fulfilled and happy life all the time?



Every person is unique.


Everyone of us is a creation, like a piece of art – a piece of art with unique characteristics and features, traits and colours. We are all unique individuals with a unique life, stories, connections, purpose and goals.

Portrait Art can be a powerful tool used to represent your unique individuality, your unique personality, the stages of your life, the person whom you inspire to be, who you were as a child, who you will be in the future.


Utilised in that manner, Portrait Art can guide you towards your goals and purpose as it becomes your strongest tool of visualisation. By seeing yourself in your own portrait of your ‘fulfilled’ future self, you will be able to bring that creation into reality – and what you dream of will become the art of yourself, and then the reality of yourself.

Portrait Art can also be a powerful tool for healing, as a means of visualisation of yourself as ‘healed’.


Whether your suffering is physical, emotional or spiritual, portrait art can help you heal completely by making a representation of yourself as healed of your physical ailment, emotional wound or spiritual suffering. By seeing yourself healed in a portrait, you will transform yourself from healed art to healed reality.

Portrait Art will guide you through life and become a tool of self-love by creating pieces of art (representing yourself, your individuality, and all the areas of your unique life) that you can wear, and can surround yourself with at home, at work, in your vehicle.


By constantly seeing and admiring the beauty of you own portrait art wherever you are, you will learn to admire the beauty in yourself, and love and accept yourself more deeply.


And like that, portrait art will become the mirror of you self-healing through promoting self-love.

That is the premise of our programme.




The goal of this programme is to guide any individual to accept and love themselves exactly how they are through the power of Portrait Art.


The goal is to help those individuals to accept and love the unique features within them, like a piece of art, embrace the beautiful and unique colours of their personality, love themselves and accept themselves– by seeing themselves represented in their own portraits.


That is what they came here to live this life for – Love and Accept Themselves Unconditionally: in their body, in their mind, in their spirit, in their shadow – and body, mind, spirit and shadow will become part of their portraits, in a fully healed representation of them.


Their life purpose will be to share that unconditional love with the world around them – through their own portrait art in their personal space, and in the space they share with others, and in their life mission – through portraits representing themselves as already fulfilled individuals who have already realised their dreams and life mission.

Portrait Art will be applied to the different areas of your life and will take different and unique forms, i.e. jewellery, clothing, wall art, portraits done in different media – all representing yourself and parts of your unique life and soul.

Portrait Art will become the tool that will tell the full story of your life and soul.

As our ultimate soul purpose is to achieve an unconditional level of self-acceptance and self-love, Portrait Art will become the most powerful tool to become whole and healed.

In the same way, as our ultimate life purpose is to realise our dreams and use our skills, talents and passions to be at service and make a difference into the world, Portrait Art will become the most powerful visualisation tool to realise those dreams, help others and live a fulfilled and purposeful life.

That is the goal of our programme.





We will compile a very thorough, detailed, personalised, and creative person-centred life coaching plan - which will be based on your unique needs, talents, skills, interests, personality and creativity, and which will cover all areas of your life and life story.

This programme will allow us to give you life guidance through art means, by applying art in every aspect of life (interior design, fashion and beauty, personalised clothes design, work fashion style, life events, personalised items used in everyday life, home interior décor, including commissioned art works, personalised toys, culinary art in personalised diet) and using art therapy and portrait therapy as a main healing approach.

Other therapy methods will also be used, such as trauma therapy, shadow work, and quantum healing.


Portrait therapy will be based on making portraits of yourself (drawings, paintings, photos, graphic designed, etc.) as healed (mentally or physically) and as a real representation of your visualisations.


Portraits of family, friends and pets will also be offered, for relationship healing, animal-assisted therapy, and grief therapy.


Artwork representing your daily life, personality, goals (nature, animals, still life etc.) will also be part of the programme.


If you are an individual on a conscious spiritual path, and want to explore your spirituality further, art and portrait therapy will also be applied to aspects of your spiritual life and life purpose (portraits of you as healed spiritually, representations of spirit guides, angels, past lives, spirit animals, flowers etc.).


You will also be offered the ‘The Past Life & Life Purpose Experience’, where you will have the chance to live a day as it was in your past lives (with period clothes) or as a future day as a life purpose already realised.


This approach can also be applied to children and the LGBT+ community.


Through this highly individualised Portrait Art Life Coaching plan, we will help you navigate the practical, and emotional challenges that you might encounter in your daily life, we will help you realise your dreams, guide you to fulfill your purpose, heal your life, ignite your creativity, be happy and fulfilled, feel loved and accepted, and live a happy, exciting, creative life.

Through this plan, your life will be more beautiful, happier, easier, and full of love and acceptance.



* See HYBRID PROGRAMMES for more details

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