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About the Artist

A bit about myself -

Often nature and the everyday world are

the starting point for what I do.

Whatever the subject,

it is used as a vehicle

for exploring a variety of media and processes, 

flitting from one idea, subject, and technique, 

all in the spirit of experimentation, exploration,

and the desire to try and express a feeling or mood.

I think this approach is reflected in my work.

I hope you like it.

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My Art Store

To book a pet portrait commission,
buy a piece of my artwork,
give a special gift to a loved one,
or simply have a look at my art,
please visit my online store.
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Get in Touch

To book a commission,
buy a piece of my artwork
or for any general information,
please send me an e-mail to the address below,
or click this button.




Thank you! :-)

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