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Providing Everything You Need

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Life Coaching Services

Children's "Follow My Dreams" Education Plan

LGBT+ PA Service

LGBT+ Equality & Advocacy Service

Personal Stylist Service

Finding My Life Purpose / Career Coaching

Spiritual Counselling

Shadow Work Guidance

Ayurveda Life Style Coaching

Quantum Healing

Shadow Work

LGBT+ Mental Health Support

C-PTSD Therapy

Interpretation of Dreams

Spiritual Counselling

Angel Readings

Portrait Art Therapy

Healing Services

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Art Portraits 

Customised Portrait Gifts

Sacred Portrait Art

Photo Portraits 

Digital Portraits

Graphic Design Services

Personal Stylist Service

Feng Shui / Ayurveda / Hygge Decor

Art Services

 Please Contact me 

to ask any question,

discuss your requirements,

book a free consultation,

or simply book a session of your chosen service

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