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Would you like to have a personal assistant to handle all your uncomfortable phone calls, contacts, appointments, and any public relation?

Would you like a personal stylist to help you create your best look, and a wellness coach to keep you as healthy as you can be?

Would you like a life coach to guide you through life to make yourself happier and things easier?

Would you like regular emotional support, to live your truth, be always yourself, feel accepted and loved, and confident of who you are?

Would you like to find your purpose, live a fulfilled life and feel happy all the time?



Every person is unique. Every person has a soul purpose.


However, within the uniqueness of every individual, all individuals have the same soul purpose. In other words, every person is born with a soul purpose to fulfill – which coincides with everyone else’s soul purpose.


The universal soul purpose is to develop as human beings in order to identify completely with our soul and detach from our ego. Our soul purpose is, in fact, to live life through our soul, not through our ego.


Our soul purpose is to achieve an unconditional level of self-acceptance and self-love. By honouring and following our soul, and heart, we will live our life through love,  rather than through fear – which is ego based-, with the result of loving and accepting ourselves, and others, unconditionally.

Our true self is our personality traits that are soul-based. Our true self is us guided by love and compassion, not by fear and judgement.


As a soul inside a body, we really have no gender or sexuality. We are both masculine and feminine. Feminine and masculine energies are both present in our soul, in their unique balance.


However, regardless of whether we are male or female by birth in our body,  it is the unique ‘balance’ of those energies within our soul that define, within our body, whether we feel like a man, or a woman, or non-binary, or agender, or whether we are attracted to a man, a woman, or individuals of any gender. We are unique in this balance, and we need to honour, love and accept this balance as it makes the unique individuals that we are.


By loving and accepting this balance unconditionally, we will love and accept ourselves and others unconditionally. And by doing so, we will have therefore fulfilled our soul purpose.


That is the premise of our programme.




The goal of this programme is to guide any individual identifying with the LGBT+ community, or any individual struggling with their gender identity and/or their sexuality, to accept and love themselves exactly how they are.


Our goal is to help those individuals to accept and love the unique balance of femininity and masculinity within them, embrace the beautiful and unique colours of their personality, love themselves and accept themselves just as they are – because that is precisely their life purpose.


That is what they came here to live this life for – Love and Accept Themselves Unconditionally: in their body, in their mind, in their spirit, in their shadow. And share that unconditional love with the world around them - in their personal space, in the space they share with others, with their outer connections and relationships, in their life mission.

That is the goal of our programme.





This life coaching programme us mainly targeted to the LGBT+ community.  


All clients will avail of LGBT+ counselling, which will be the main therapy applied.


For clients on a conscious spiritual path, LGBT+ spiritual counselling will be the main therapy (which sees gender identity and sexual orientation as part of the soul development; LGBT+ equality as part of the life mission, but not necessarily; gender and sexuality dysphoria as a way to give space to the real life mission after freeing oneself of LGBT outer and inner phobias).


As part of this life coaching, PA services will be offered, therefore the LGBT+ clients will also be guided through the practical sides of life (how to dress, how to present, how to approach offices and how to face challenges that present equality issues).


We will compile a very thorough, detailed, personalised, and creative person-centred life coaching plan - which will be based on your unique needs, talents, skills, interests, personality and creativity, and which will cover all areas of your life:

  • Your BODY - through a personalised diet, fashion style, exercise routine, hairstyle, make-up and self-care, aimed to enhance masculine or feminine features, or both, or neither

  • Your MIND - through a personalised mental health support, LGBT+ Therapy and Coaching, trauma healing (if required), positive thinking approach and our own ‘Be Yourself’ Portrait Art Therapy

  • Your SPIRIT - through alternative therapies, especially Quantum Healing, and Feminine & Masculine Energy Balancing

  • Your SHADOW - through deep emotional shadow work aimed to cure unhealthy Beliefs on the Self, Beliefs on Masculine & FeminineBeliefs on Unconditional Love; and through Interpretation of Dreams 

  • Your PERSONAL SPACE, through application of our ‘Be Yourself’ Art

  • Your OUTER CONNECTIONS, through our LGBT+ Personal Assistant Services, and LGBT+ Equality & Advocacy Services

  • Your LIFE PURPOSE, through a Personalised coaching programme on how to follow your  dreams and life purpose/mission through education, work and other connections


Through this highly individualised LGBT+ Life Coaching plan, we will help you realise their dreams, guide you to fulfill you purpose, ignite your creativity, be happy and fulfilled, feel loved and accepted, and navigate the challenging practical, emotional and legal issues that you might encounter in your daily life as part of the LGBT+ community.

Through this plan, your life will be more beautiful, happier, easier, and full of love and acceptance.



* See HYBRID PROGRAMMES for more details

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or book a free consultation of your chosen coaching programme

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