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Would you like your child to be happier in school?

Would you like your child's needs met through their education?

Would you like your child's unique gifts and talents to be fed and cultivated?

Would you like to see your child happy and thriving, because they are fulfilling their purpose and realising their dreams from an early age?

Would you like your child's education to be tailored to who they are, what their purpose is, and what they dream of becoming?



Every child is unique. Every child has a dream. Every child is born with a life purpose to fulfil – which, in fact, coincides with their dream.


The child knows exactly what their life purpose is, and that is usually the answer to the question, “What do you want to do when you grow up?”


As a child lives their life at a soul level as the ego hasn’t formed yet, they know exactly what their soul came to this world to achieve and fulfill. They have full and pure awareness of what their life purpose is.


That is the premise of our programme.




The goal of this programme is to guide the child, through their formative years, to fulfil their life purpose as adults, and therefore make their dreams come true.


Our goal is to guide the child to follow, when they grow up, the career they knew they wanted to pursue as children – because that career, that job, coincides precisely with their life purpose. That job is their dream to realise, it is their purpose to achieve.


And we are here to help and guide the children to make their dream come true, and to fulfil their life purpose.





This life coaching programme will be mainly based on education.


Children will be guided to identify their career choice (what they want to do when they grow up, their dreams, or their purpose in life) and interests, and their education tailored on those. A creative approach will be used through the whole programme.

We will compile a very thorough, detailed, personalised, and creative child-centred education plan - which will be based on your child's unique needs, talents, skills, interests, personality and creativity, and which will cover all their formative school years, starting from pre-school up to university and/or career beginning.


Through this highly individualised education plan, we will help your child realise their dream, guide them to fulfill their purpose, ignite their creativity, and be happy in school, at home, and everywhere.

Traditional talk therapies (child psychology, trauma counselling, art therapy etc.) will also be included if the child needs mental health support.



* See HYBRID PROGRAMMES for more details

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