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My name is Candida Mulé.

I am a life coach and portrait artist.

But it all started differently.

Just as a child, living in Sicily, drawing portraits

every day, I was dreaming of becoming a portrait

artist with a Bohemian fancy studio, as I imagined

the great artists like Leonardo or Botticelli would

have had.

As I started studied Freud, psychoanalysis and Jung

at the age of 11, I also started dreaming of becoming

a psychotherapist.

But I trained to become a Language and Literatures

teacher, I taught Italian and English in Italy and

Ireland for 3 years, I settled in Ireland and worked

in IBM for 17 years, learning how to handle all the challenges of the IT world. 

But I was still dreaming of becoming a portrait artist and a therapist of the mind and soul, so I kept making portraits, reading and studied all I could about psychology, philosophy, spirituality and religions, and started my own soul path towards a deeper spiritual awareness and connection.

I travelled to Africa several times to work with street children, and I qualified in child psychology in order to have the tools to help these children more effectively.

I became the mother of two wonderful children and then moved to England, where I started focusing on making my childhood dream a reality, to be the example for my children and inspire them to pursue their own dreams.

I have worked in mental health, for Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, and for the LGBT+ service in Off The Record. My own challenges with my gender identity, started during my adolescence, and my sexuality along the years have made me very understanding and given me a deep insight into LGBT+ challenges.

I have now qualified as a life coach and spiritual life coach, and I keep on working to improve my qualifications, knowledge and experience.

I care deeply about people, children, and anyone in the world who needs a helping hand to heal, find direction and purpose in life, find love and beauty within themselves and the world and people around them.

We do life coaching, portrait art and healing - mainly targeted at children, the LGBT+ community, and anyone who wants to explore their spirituality and creativity, or just need direction in life.

We are here to help anyone. Our life coaching programmes are tailored to any needs and requirements.

If you need direction in life, need some healing in your life, because of a physical ailment, or emotional pain, or spiritual challenge, we are here to help you find your purpose and find the root cause of your ailments and pain.

We do portraits and we use portrait therapy as a mean to heal and live a purposeful and fulfilled life.

We help children follow their dreams and purpose from an early age to adulthood, including offering guidance about their spiritual life and artistic potential; we guide LGBT+ individuals, including children, through the challenges of their daily life; we use Portrait Art as a powerful life coaching tool; we will guide you to find your life purpose, your soul purpose, awaken your spirituality, ignite your creativity and live a fulfilled and happy life.

We make portraits on commission, whether you want to give a special gift, celebrate an important moment in life, or simply a way to improve self-love or show love for others.


Children's "Follow My Dreams" Education Programme

LGBT+ "Live My Truth" Life Coaching Programme

"Live Life through Portrait Art" Life Coaching Programme

"Find My Life & Soul Purpose" Life Coaching Programme

LGBT+ PA Service

LGBT+ Equality & Advocacy Service

Personal Stylist Service

Career Coaching

Spiritual Counselling

Shadow Work Guidance

Ayurveda Life Style Coaching


Quantum Healing

Shadow Work

LGBT+ Mental Health Support

C-PTSD Therapy

Interpretation of Dreams

Spiritual Counselling

Angel Readings

Portrait Art Therapy



Art Portraits 

Customised Portrait Gifts

Sacred Portrait Art

Photo Portraits 

Digital Portraits

Graphic Design Services

Personal Stylist Service

Feng Shui / Ayurveda / Hygge Decor


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